Daytime Oil Tincture

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Featuring 50mg of 99% pure CBD Isolate per serving, this CBD oil was formulated to support you through your day. We also Infused this tincture with a touch of invigorating adaptogens in Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng Root, and Maca Root.


99% Pure CBD Isolate, Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Coconut oil, Organic Lemon Flavor, Organic Raspberry Flavor.

Suggested uses:

Drop 1 full-dropper under the tongue and let sit for 15-20 seconds before swallowing or drop 1 full-dropper into morning coffee, tea, or smoothie.

We hand-craft each of our CBD oil to ensure we are providing the most trusted and reliable CBD oil possible for you.

The human body is equipped with receptors known as the endocannabinoid system, which helps us maintain overall wellness and keep many of our physical processes operating properly. CBD’s role fits into the receptors, helping the body complete in its efforts to keep us in good health


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